Active Directory

Support you Organize your users

Active Directory is a service from Microsoft that can help you administer and organize the information and the users within a given network for Windows based computers.

Our Senior System Administrator supports you to manage users access to resources (computers, file shares, mail, printers, etc) efficiently and effective from a centralized location throughout your network (LAN, WAN, etc). You will be able to do successfully, among other things:
Define polices for access and security;
Allow access to different files from the network at a granular level;
Apply updates automatically within the entire organization;
Deploy software from centralized location to users as per need to use basis.

Our team can provide many complex services based on Microsoft best practices helping your business to have a secure and reliable platform:
Installation, configuration and planning of Active Directory;
Migration and upgrade of Active Directory;
Support for multi-site domains;
Integration between Active Directory and a number of other systems that use LDAP authentication;
Network discovery and analysis to understand the current environment;
Support users as required.