SQL Services

MS SQL - Profesional administration - reliable platform

Our objectives are to offer quality services for all our clients. SQL Server is an important piece from Sharepoint implementation. It is the backbone where all the databases are kept and used. The optimization of performance, a strong security and redundant implementation make Sharepoint faster, reliable and safety. We can deliver the following services:
Fine tune SQL Server performance;
Implementing High Availability solution based on Log shipping, Mirroring, Clustering(active/passive or active/active) or Always On;
Replications between MSSQL servers;
Transfers data between MSSQL servers and other database systems;
Monitoring MSSQL instances;
Management of the users;
Plans stopping MSSQL Server Services;
Backup databases;
Restore databases;
Testing databases backups;
Auditing MSSQL instances;
Migrations of MSSQL Servers;
Maintaining 'up to date' systems database versions of MSSQL Server;
Other database maintenance operations (rebuild index, shrink, etc.);
Performance Monitor of servers based on performance counters for identifying the bottle-necks;
Support for administrators or partners of the applications (updates);
Capacity planning of disks spaces.