Business Automation

Automation overview

Businesses depend on business processes which in many organizations depend on people. Workflows can automate interactions among the people who participate in a process to improve how that process functions, increase its efficiency, and lower its error rate.

Workflows in SharePoint Server enable enterprises to reduce the amount of unnecessary interactions between people as they perform business processes. For example, to reach a decision, groups typically follow a series of steps. The steps can be a formal, standard operating procedure, or an informal implicitly understood way to operate.

Collectively, the steps represent a business process. The number of human interactions that occur in business processes can inhibit speed and the quality of decisions. Software that simplifies and manages this "human workflow" enables the automation of interactions among groups who participate in the process.

This automation results in more speed, overall effectiveness of the interactions, and often a reduction in errors.

Business approaches

You receive a lot of clients requests or quotes for your products and you need to read, filter, approve, reject and send feedbacks;
You have to fill lots of papers and to work with many people in different departments asking for review, approval or reject from each leader;
You wish the users to fill complex online forms and send them to staff for analyzing, filtering and approval or reject;
You have thousands of contracts and you want to be reminded when they expire.

Workflow Business Benefits

Efficient and consistent - An Approval workflow automatically routes the document or item, assigns review tasks and tracks their progress, and sends reminders and notifications when needed. The activity in a workflow can be monitored and adjusted from a central status page.
Less work for you - An Approval workflow saves you and your colleagues both time and trouble, and at the same time streamlines and standardizes your approval process. Improved and automated business processes to common business forms like timesheets, expense reports, and claim forms.
Issue tracking - Many business processes generate a list of outstanding issues. An automated workflow can be used to maintain that list, assign issues to the people who can resolve them, and track the status of that resolution.
Take forms offline and fill out secure standardized forms using a browser on your PC, laptop, or handheld device.

What We Provide

Process analysis, optimization, automation, improvement;
Design of Infopath form templates;
Retrieving and querying data from external data sources;
Building reusable workflows;
Creating workflows with SharePoint and InfoPath Forms;
Updating and optimizing your form templates.