Business Analysis

Steps to Analyze Your Business

We use a suit of activities and techniques used for understanding the structure, policies and activities of an organization and recommend business solutions.

We are responsible with the elaboration of requests management. This could imply Eliciting and requests analyzing, creating the documentation of the requests, communicating and validating all of these to business.

We understand a request as condition or capability asked by a project participant for solving a problem, satisfying a contract standard, specification or other documents or reaching an objective.

Analyze is built based on BABOK global standard. The solutions and components of them delivered are most of them: software applications, web services, business processes, business rules, modified organizational structure, redefined the roles and job description.

We use any elicit technique: Brainstorming, Document analysis Interview, Observation, Requirements Workshop, Exploratory Prototype to understand and retrieve all your stake holders expectations regard Sharepoint.

We classify all the requests gathered earlier accordingly with BABOK standards in:
Business requirements;
Stakeholder requirements;
Solution requirements;
  - Functional requirements:
  - Non-functional requirements;
Transition requirements.

The analyze of business processes it is an important stage. We can us:
Organization Chart;
Relationship Map;
Process Map.

We can use too Object Oriented Analysis and Structure Analysis if it is necessary.

After we build Requests Document and the Architect will be able to have a good image regard the organization structure, internal processes, user interactions, stake holders expectations, business expectations, will be able to evaluate the resources needed, design the architecture and all workflows structures to automatize all the processes.